Latintelecom is the right place for those operating a Call Center, as well as those looking for A Z Termination, or for those needing Wholesale VoIP Telephony. We understand your needs, and we are able to offer you our Prepaid Calling Cards that can be used in any SIP Based Call Center. Furthermore, we can provide you with support for setting up the line. Our express SIP Servers do all the work, so you only have to focus on using the line. And of course, we can provide you with our VoIP telephone service at highly competitive rates.


Always Prepaid

Latintelecom gives you the freedom in deciding how much money you’re going to put into your account. In addition to that, each account features a Control Panel, CDR and the Rates Table, which altogether gives you a clear representation of the most competitive tariffs on the market.

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Easy Recharge

Using the control panel, you can decide how much money you’re going to put into your account, with no time limits. Your money is perfectly safe and most importantly, your credit will never expire.



Call Center Enabled

For those who have a SIP Branded Call Center, we have the perfect solution. Latintelecom’s softswitch provides each account with a maximum of 30 channels. What this means is that you can get 30 simultaneous calls, unlocking the full potential of your PBX system.


Worldwide Support

Latintelecom can offer you SIP lines Termination, no matter where you are. Simply hire us and we will provide you with the highest quality service.

All Latintelecom lines support the G.729 Codec.