These plans are great for Home users and Small Business owners. Latintelecom’s plans are far ahead of our competitors, who only provide local Bulk Plans.

These plans are perfect for those looking for that extra value, with both landlines and mobile phones. We at Latintelecom are fully aware of what our customers want, and therefore we have designed these plans to perfectly suit your needs.


Home VoIP Phone Service

For users who want a “Flat Plan”, Latintelecom can provide you with a customized plan for a destination of your choice, all while maintaining the best price on the market.

Business VoIP Phone Service

This service is intended for Small Branch Offices that require communication within their country or to any other country. Whatever your needs may be, Latintelecom can provide you with the best plan, which includes mobile phones, altogether representing the best choice for your business.

(Keep in mind that these packages are not designed for connecting into a Call Center. In case we detect that the line is not being used according to the pre-established terms and conditions, we will temporarily terminate it until the following month)